• the beast of bray road origins

    Episode 18 – The Beast of Bray Road

    This week we take a walk down Bray Road and get to know the beast that lives on it. Yup, we’re covering the Beast of Bray Road and I am […]

  • The 6 Minute Abz Podcast

    Your Child And Speech Therapy

    Discover more about the practice of Speech therapy, as I chat to Ashley de Klerk, registered speech therapist. Find out about the services she offer, what type of person would […]

  • The Kitsune Of Japan

    Episode 17 – The Kitsune

    This week we delve into Eastern lore and discuss the fox spirit of Japan, the Kitsune. This spirit is incredibly interesting and can even possess unsuspecting humand and foxes alike! […]

  • The Kitsune Of Japan

    The Kitsune Of Japan

    Good news, none of my family has become zombie slaves since discussing the Buda so yay. That’s a win. The Kitsune Of Japan   In the dark of evening The […]

  • The Buda

    Episode 16 – The Buda

    The Buda is literally the best of all monster worlds combined into one! Hence why I chose it as my birthday monster. I see your werewolf and raise you a […]

  • The Buda

    The Buda Or African Werehyena

    My birthday tomorrow – birthday month dirty 30ths I’m a dog person so this whole month is dedicated to canine cryptids This episode is like the walking dead had a […]

  • The 6 Minute Abz Podcast

    How To Hygge Like A Dane

    This week we delve into the cosy comforts of the practice of hygge. I’ve spoken about this in a previous episode but now, finally, hygge has its own time to […]

  • The 6 Minute Abz Podcast

    Covid-19 In The US And The Effects It Has On The Sports Scene

    This week, I interview the host of the See Through It Podcast, Brian Sailes. Together, we chat about Covid-19 in the US and what effect its having on the sporting […]

  • The Lagerfljot worm

    Episode 15 – The Lagarfljót Worm

    This week we do a deep dive into the The Lagarfljót Worm of Iceland. And by deep dive I mean deep into the waters of Lake Lagarfljót. Take a listen […]

  • The Lagerfljot worm

    The Lagarfljót Worm Origins

    Deep is North Easter Iceland, you will find a seemingly still lake, ensconced in rolling hills. However, what lies beneath the surface will make your skin crawl – especially if […]