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  • The Red Cap Fairy Goblin Cryptid

    Episode Three – The Red Cap

    Of all the fairies in the world, The Red Cap is surely the most heinous spritely beast. This murderous little creature was known to acquire the red dye for its […]

  • The Margate Monster Trunko

    Episode 2 – Trunko | The Local Mammalian Monster Of Margate

    Trunko, originally known as the Margate Monster, is an incredible water cryptid hailing from the shores of sunny south Africa. This week, we discuss how Trunko took the centre stage […]

  • The Questing Beast Cryptid Podcast

    Episode 1 – The Questing Beast

    Get to know more about The Questing Beast. This cryptid was made famous by King Arthur and his band of knights. Delve deep into medieval literature with me as we explore this incredible monster!