The Slender Man Inspired Crimes

Hey Monsterinos! So, this week we’re doing something a little different for spooky season. We will be discussing a monster which we as a community have cultivated and raised from the technological beyond. Furthermore, we will be going into the effects said monster has actually had within the real world and as such, be covering the first ever Meet My Monsters True Crime episode! YAY!

Depending on how the Slender Man episode fares this may become a thing – the monsters we created and true crime. So, let’s see.

None the less, as I just so aptly mentioned, today we will be handling one of the creepiest online fiends, Slender Man. This dude – since I first heard about him – has truly scared me silly. To this day I refuse to play Slender just because of the thought of finding him.

Slender Man Origins

Slender Man was actually born from a photo competition run on a thread of the Something Awful Internet forum. Unlike most other monsters out there, I can actually tell you the exact date of his conception: 10 June 2009. The competition was a photoshop based comp in which entrants had to create a paranormal image.

One forum poster, Eric Knudsen who used pseudonym Victor Surge, came up with two black and white images of children. However, the oddity was the tall, thin, slender faceless figure adorned in a black suit who featured in the background.

And look I’ll give it to this oke. He gave these images meat of the finest degree. I mean his images and captions were pure pedigree. I’ll post his original images on Instagram once the pod is released but here are the exact captions used beneath the unsettling pictures:


We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…

— 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead


One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence.

— 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

Just based off of that one can see how this was a prefect breeding ground for conspiracy. Needless to say, from that day forth Slender Man thrived and grew.

People have worked him into history, by placing him in hieroglyphs to German wood carvings. Poems have been written about him, movies made, and video games issued. Countless posts have been released about the Slender Man, all adding a unique twist to the monster. Basically, as a community, we created the single most horrifying creature around. He is literally the modern day, techno boogieman. And I think that is why he is so terrifying. Purely based on the fact of him being incredibly and utterly vague. He is completely fictional and yet so very real at the same time.

The Slender Man MO

Ok so now that we know how Slender Man came into being let’s talk about his look and MO a little.

  • Slender Man stands about 8 feet tall
  • He is incredibly slim – hence the name SLENDER man, I mean he’s not called porky man for a reason…
  • He is pure white, and more often than not, completely faceless
  • At times he is portrayed as having tentacles which emerge from his back
  • Always he is dressed in a black suite
  • Slender Man is suggested to appear in relatively abandoned areas, like fields, woods, and playgrounds
  • He is said to appear to and prey on children
  • He will abduct children and either kill them, or cause them to kill on his behalf

And that final unsettling point takes us to today’s actual story.

Slender Man In The Real World

The year is 2014 and we find ourselves in Milwaukee. Waukesha is usually an idyllic middle class suburb, but in June that year, something sinister sparked panic within the community. Furthermore, I’d say the age of the perpetrators who caused said panic is even more alarming. Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weire and Payton Leutner were all classmates, all best friends, and all TWELVE YEARS OLD!

That to me is mind blowing. When I was 12, I was farting around wondering how to get out of going to school to do a test. Not plotting a violent murder. So yes, major spoiler alert. Two of said three girls were planning to off their supposed best friend. Like fraking yikes! Everything about this story is just so abnormal I can’t even.

But before we get into the attack, let’s delve into a bit of the back story, first shall we?


Morgan, born to Angie and Matt Geyser, was a surprise baby. However, she quickly became the apple of her mom’s eye. There wasn’t a minute whilst growing up that her mother didn’t have a camera in her face.

And I can account to his based on all the home video footage I watched as part of the HBO Slender Man docu-movie.

Morgan had a seemingly normal childhood, with little cause for alarm. Unless you’re a normal person. Because everything Morgan’s mother said whilst she was growing up would’ve alarmed me. Like ok granted she wasn’t killing animals and rebelling at school but some of these things should be warning signs I’d say.

When only three years old, Morgan told her mom about the ghosts which used to sometimes bite her and pull her hair. Now whilst this may be commonplace for a child to have these sorts of fears, it’s important knowledge for further down the line, so hang on to that.

The next little fun fact about Morgan’s youth is one that kind of made me stop and think, woah, maybe this kid has something going. But then again, I’m looking at it in retrospect, knowing what Morgan has already done. Perhaps to a parent it’s not too disturbing.

However, in an interview, Morgan’s mom noticed her child’s lack of empathy. This was  particularly evident in movies. When something happened to main character, Morgan would show no empathy at all.

An example her mom gave was when they decided to watch Bambi with Morgan for the first time. She and her husband were worried to watch Bambi because they didn’t know how Morgan would react to the scene in which Bambi’s mom is shot by the hunter.

However, Morgan’s reaction was not what the mom was expecting at all. When Bambi’s mom died, Morgan said “Run Bambi Run get out of there save yourself” with absolutely no empathy shown to mom’s death whatsoever. This was particularly weird to me because that devastated me as a kid. I balled for hours. A local radio station played the audio of that scene a few years back to portray how graphic the audio alone is. Needless to say, I arrived at work with a face full of mascara lines.

But as I said previously, no obvious signs of aggression, or acting out came up within the household. No abuse was present, and nothing happened to Morgan that one would say “huh, that may’ve pushed that kid over the edge”.

On the surface, Morgan appeared absolutely normal. The girl believed in Santa until the age of 11 for Pete’s sake! So how do you go from believing in Santa, to attempted pre-med murder a year later?

Morgan had shown Slender Man images and stories to her mom; however, her mom didn’t see any harm in it and brushed it off – stupid cow. Her parent’s thought she couldn’t possibly believe it was real. Angie proceeds to share that when she was Morgan’s age, she remembers lending Stephen King’s IT from the library, so she thought nothing of it. I’m sure she now wished she’d thought harder in that moment.


Anissa was born to Bill and Kristi Weire. She, like Morgan, seemed to have a seemingly normal childhood. However, her time at school was a little more difficult. Anissa’s 4th and 5th grade teacher described her of one of the biggest outliers he’d ever had. Sometimes she’d just randomly cry in class. Other times, she’d visit his class during lunch period and cry to him about not having friends.

Furthermore, it appears that she was picked on during her time at school. And listen guys kids can be genuinely cruel sometimes.

On top of the unpopularity vibes at school, Anissa’s parents got divorced in 2012. This can put a huge strain on a child. However, I couldn’t find much on how she handled the separation.

In an interview, Anissa’s dad seemed like he was big on family time. Apparently at 7:30 every evening, he’d request Anissa shut off her iPad and join the family downstairs. He claimed to be very close to his children and had no issue with her iPad time.

So, on the surface all looks good and well. However, if you delve a little deeper and take a peek at Anissa’s google feed, you’ll realize something disturbing is afoot. She has typical 12 year old girl things such as a cute ass bunny eating a raspberry to very disturbing things like several quizzes exploring whether or not you could be a psychopath and sociopath.

She also had a video of how to dooms day prep. The most disturbing part about one video NatGeo tv shows an interview with a gent explaining how to kill someone with a sucker stick and where to pierce – mentions jugular. This kind of makes me think the kid was getting advice on how to kill Payton.

But beyond the troubling videos come the comments she was leaving. In one video, a lady is showing off her kitten, Zeus. Now Zeus is some kind of weird cat – not your everyday house cat – so this lady is showing how she lets Zeus hunt mice. Which, cool, whatever, it’s all in the circle of life. However, Anissa’s response to the video really made me chill because what twelve year old speaks like this: “I love how Zeus beats the mouse to death”

Anissa also showed her dad a picture once of Slender Man. However, in this pic Slendy is standing next to Jack Skellington. Hence the pops thinks nothing of it. And that to me is totally understandable since Jack Skellington is a big part of pop culture. Hence what I’m saying is it’s no wonder why that picture didn’t make her dad think something was off about Slender Man.

However, things get interesting if you take a look at one of the Slender Man feeds Anissa had tapped into. Somewhere, she had found one of Slendy’s back stories. In this particular story, it shows how Slender Man was bullied as a child.

This immediately makes a person realize why she connected so deeply to this internet monster. She herself was bullied. Now, she finds that an all-powerful, life absorbing being was too bullied as a child.

Anissa actually lied to her friends about being popular, which also shows how the social status really mattered to her – as it does to any pre-teen child. All we really want to do is be accepted, right?

Morgan And Anissa

Payton and Morgan had been best friends since the fourth grade and known each other since kindergarten. Morgan and Anissa on the other hand had only become friends in the 6th grade. Nd clearly that was a God awful, unholy terrible match. However, these two kiddos rode the school bus together and seemed to click instantly.

Early into their friendship, Anisssa introduced Morgan to Creepypasta. More importantly, she introduced Morgan to the story of Slender Man. When she saw him, Morgan said “Oh my God, I think I saw Slender Man when I was 5”.

Soon after falling down the Slender Man rabbit hole, Morgan suggested to Anissa that they become proxies to Slendy, as the pair called him. A proxie, as Anissa described in her police interview, is somewhat of a loyal servant to Slender Man. You do his bidding and as a reward for the ultimate service, earn a place in Slender Manner.

What is this ultimate service you may ask? Well, I’ll let Morgan explain. In her words – according to Anissa – she said, “We have to kill Bella to deem ourselves worthy to Slender.”

Naturally, Anissa excited by the prospect of murdering Payton. She was a massive believer in Slender Man and as such, would do anything to please him.

And so, the pre-med plan of two twelve year old girls is born.


Payton Leutner seemed like your everyday kind of kid. She was well mannered, friendly, and just a delight really. Apart from her choice in friends. That was shocking.

However, in the fourth grade, Payton saw Morgan sitting alone and took it upon herself to approach her. From there the pair were thick as thieves. Until Anissa showed up of course. Morgan even dubbed Payton with the cute nickname Bella

At school, Morgan introduced Anissa and Payton to one another, and from there, the plan was hatched.

Day of the Attack

Little Murdress Morgan was turning 12, and to celebrate, she planned a sleep over party! There was to be roller skating, pizza, cake and, a rather unconventional addition to a 12 year old slumber party; murder.

Only Anissa and Payton were invited to the slumber skate bonanza and I wonder why.

Morgan’s birthday party had been planned for several weeks, and with that, their murder plan. Hence its irrefutable that this wasn’t a pre-med thing.

According to Anissa, their original plan was to kill Bella that evening, put her under some blankets, make it look like she was sleeping and run. However, plans changed. Morgan felt the need to give her friend one more morning. Like how generous of you!

So anyways. The morning comes and all three girls wake up and decided to go to the park. However, Morgan took a weird accessory with her. Morgan grabbed a knife from her kitchen before they left.

Once they got to the park, the girls went into the bathroom. Payton thought it was for a loo break, but the other two had different plans.

Once inside, Anissa told Payton to go to sleep. When Payton wouldn’t, Anissa then proceeded to bash her head against the concrete wall of the bathroom to knock her out because, and I quote “I don’t like screaming. I can’t handle that”. Furthermore, Anissa states that she’d heard it was easier to kill someone if they were asleep of unconscious.

It was then that Morgan began to grow somewhat of a conscience and began to freak out, stating how she couldn’t go through with it. She tried to pass the knife off to Anissa, but Anissa wouldn’t take it.

At this point, the trio came out of bathroom and the pair suggested they play hide and seek. Like why Payton was still with them at this point I don’t know. I just know if a friend of mine bashed my head against a wall I would’ve sworn them broken and buggered off home.

But anyways. Anissa pulled Payton into the woods claiming she knew a great hiding spot. Then Morgan came to find them.

And this is where things get super fucked up. The girls were somewhere in the woods just off Big Bend road when Morgan found them. She approached the pair and suddenly overpowered Payton.

Morgan sat on Payton’s chest and said “don’t be afraid, I’m only a little kitty cat”

Anissa, the coward she is, then proceeded to walk away from the scene, turn her back and said, “Morgan now!”

Morgan sat on Payton’s legs and whispered, “I’m so sorry” and started to stab her.

Morgan proceeded to stab Payton 19 times. When being questioned, she said that the stabbing “didn’t feel like anything, it felt like air”.

During this horrific time, poor little Payton tried to get away. However, Anissa now decided to step in and guide her back to Morgan’s blade.

Once the deed was done, Morgan and Anissa told Payton they were going to get help. however, they had no intention of doing that in the slightest. Instead, the two pre-teen shit bags started their walk to Slender Mansion in Nicolet National Park.

But this is where things start to get awesome! And I mean that for real not sarcastically. Young Payton didn’t die from her wounds. The poor girl who had been left for dead in the woods, managed to pull herself toward the road.

Luckily, a cyclist was passing through the area at that time – how’s that for fate – and immediately pulled over to help Payton. When asked who had done this to her, Payton could only manage “my best friend”.

Needless to say, she was quickly rushed to hospital, where her life hung in a tender balance.

Meanwhile back on the i-94, thing one and thing two were still making their way to their forever home. How they thought they were going to get there I have no idea. Apparently, the park is a 4.5 hour DRIVE from where they started off from. Furthermore, all they had with them was a backpack of granola bars so come on.

Perhaps realizing her utter stupidity at this point, Morgan began to freak out mid walk and cried out “Slender if you’re listening please help us.” Aaaaaaaand to no one’s surprise but their own, nothing happened.

It wasn’t long after her Slender prayer that the pair were found and picked up by the police.

The Questioning

Both girls were separated and questioned extensively by officers. It was then that they started to spill the beans on their Slender Man obsession.

According to Morgan, Slender Man had picked Payton – not them. Furthermore, both girls were heavily under the impression that if they didn’t go through with the murder, Slender Man would kill their entire families.

Naturally, the police searched the girl’s rooms. And this is when they began to pick up signs in Morgan’s belongings. She had countless drawings of Slender as well as a good handful of Barbie dolls who had been mutilated and had Slender Man’s emblem either carved or drawn into their torso. Yikes.

The Outcome

After the questioning had ceased, and both girls had acknowledged and admitted what they had done, court proceedings then began. Even though both still minors, the pair were tried as adults.

In 2017 we finally got the verdict. Anissa was sentenced to 25 to life and plead guilty to attempted second-degree homicide. She can now be found in the Winnebago Mental Health Institute.

As for the stabber, Morgan, she too is at Winnebago Mental Health Institute, however, her sentence is 40 years after pleading guilty to attempted first-degree murder. And this is where things get interesting.

I bet you’re wondering why the two are in mental health institutes as opposed to correctional facilities.

It was found, after a psych evaluation, that Anissa suffered from what was known as Schizotypy – which is the diminished ability to determine what’s real and what’s not real. However, it was concluded that she did not have characteristics of psychopath or sociopath.

However, this was nothing on what was potting under Morgan’s skull. It came out that Morgan suffers with Schizophrenia unspecified, oppositional defiant disorder and asthma.

This is now where I get angry because I feel like her parents had a responsibility to test her thoroughly. Especially owing to the fact that her father, Matt, is schizophrenic as well!


So, I was literally today years old when I discovered that people who suffer from schizophrenia can actually function within society. I’m sorry if I sound ignorant but I truly thought this was a disorder which made people unable to function.

But none the less, you guys may think I’m being harsh on Morgan’s parents, but there are reasons I feel anger towards them.

From an early age, Morgan expressed visions of ghosts who would bite her and pull her hair. Furthermore, she used to see mythical creatures at school at claimed a classmate was a Pegasus.

However, her parents shrugged it off as normal childhood fears and delusions. Now naturally I’m not saying that if your kid is afraid of the dark or spots a unicorn every once in a while, that you should rush them off for a psych evaluation immediately. But when one parent is schizophrenic, I feel like you have a responsibility to monitor that.

Perhaps with proper treatment, Morgan would never have fallen prey to Slender Man’s grip. Because to her, Slender Man was one hundred percent real.

What About Payton?

After 6 days of touch and go health in her local hospital, Payton made a full recovery. In a later interview with ABC news – 5 years later to be exact –  Payton said initially she didn’t feel anything because her body was in shock. However, she now has to live with the mental wounds on a daily basis of her friends doing this to her.

What Does Abi Think The Monster Is?

Weird to be doing this in this episode, I know, but I have reason. Quite honestly, I believe that Slender Man is real. But not in the sense that you would think.

I don’t believe that an actual living, breathing physical creature with no face is ding the rounds, but I do think he is a creation of group consciousness. This online boogieman has compelled three known attacks to date.

I am by no means blaming the internet for this. I’m not one of those people who think that by listening to metal you’ll open fire on your school at some point. But to people out there, Slender Man is real. The myth and the legend has become such a massive part of pop culture that he is, in a sense, a living being.

But as always kiddos, if you want to disagree with me, or just catch up during the week, feel free to do so at: