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  • Book Club Time With Abi: The Secret

    This week I have decided to add an awesome new little facet to the 6 Minute Abz poddyverse. Every month we will be delving into Book Club Time With Abi! […]

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    Your Child And Speech Therapy

    Discover more about the practice of Speech therapy, as I chat to Ashley de Klerk, registered speech therapist. Find out about the services she offer, what type of person would […]

  • The 6 Minute Abz Podcast

    How To Hygge Like A Dane

    This week we delve into the cosy comforts of the practice of hygge. I’ve spoken about this in a previous episode but now, finally, hygge has its own time to […]

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    Covid-19 In The US And The Effects It Has On The Sports Scene

    This week, I interview the host of the See Through It Podcast, Brian Sailes. Together, we chat about Covid-19 in the US and what effect its having on the sporting […]

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    What Is The Educational Impact Of Covid-19?

    The Covid-19 virus has turned life as we know it upside down. But what effect has it had on the educational system in South Africa? In this week’s interview, I […]

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    How I Fight Depression | You Can Too!

    Depression is one of the most debilitating feelings a person can experience. This week’s episode is incredibly personal. I open up about my own struggles with depression, and share what […]

  • Does Your Child Need An OT?

    In this week’s episode of 6 Minute Abz The Podcast, I chat to Lesley Dengler, a practicing OT (and my sister in law!) I had such fun doing this interview […]

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    Interview With Kylie-Anne Bowers | The NLP Hero Behind Mind Your Hero

    To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month I decided to team up with NLP coach Kylie-Anne Bowers, the hero behind the Mind Your Hero brand, to discuss how you can become […]

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    Interview With Dermatologist Dr Hadley King – Covid-19 And Your Skin

    This week I chat with New York based dermatologist, Dr. Hadley King about the effects Covid-19 could be having on the skin. From contact dermatitis to recent developments in the […]

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    Make Gratitude The Attitude

    In this time of troubled waters, the only thing you really can do is focus on the things you do have and can do over those that you can’t. In […]